Real News, Please Stand Up….


As in the case of the new label “alt-right”, which turned out to just be a euphemism for Neo-Nazi, similarly we really ought to start referring to Fake News by its real name, a Propaganda Network. Here’s why;

Calling the ongoing phenomenon which has invaded our present day information driven society “Fake News” implies that there is no strategy at play. The fake news narrative posits that this false information invasion is being carried out by a bunch of random disparate young individuals with nothing better to do, who are themselves absent a single agenda or ideology. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Like the Nazi propaganda machine that this phenomenon is modeled on, Fake News has a vast network, an agenda, supports a single ideology and is entirely strategic in its targeting of intellectuals, liberals, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Women, the LGBT community, Muslims, the poor, and of course Democrats and the Clintons.

These vast misinformation campaigns are being funded and directed by some of the same people who are at the head of the alt-right movement, the Trump Campaign, The Brexit Vote, and other similar ultra-nationalist white-supremacist movements, which are presently coming to power around the world.

Their goal is to use their new technology to influence elections and consolidate power within the democracies of their choice.

There are a number of companies which employ internet data and social media gurus to create specific story bots (A.I computer programs) which can disseminate, post, comment on and tweet about fake news stories, tailored to achieving particular goals established by their clients. These bots then work 24/7 on pretty much every social media network non-stop.

This raises the scoring of these fake stories on social media network feeds, so some people will see them more often, and also the internet search result rankings for various search engines such google, bing, etc so that people with interests in certain subjects, who type in particular keywords will always be directed towards the same sites.

Then various independent sensationalist news networks such as Beitbart News pick up these fake stories and report them as fact. Finally these stories show up on commercial networks such as Fox News, which further boosts their credibility.

Eventually we end up with a crazy man with 3 guns showing up at a local pizzeria to “self investigate” a child trafficking ring being run by the Clintons……

Incidentally, this man, who happened to be white, fired off three rounds in the pizzeria where there were customers, kids and employees, but he and his three weapons were apprehended without incident (which means he wasn’t say…….shot in the back 5 times whilst being black, unarmed and running away…..).

Anyway, I digress…

The things is, people like Steve Bannon are linked to these fake news tech companies (He’s on the board of Cambridge Analytica), they’re connected to sensationalist right wing publications (Steve Bannon ran Beitbart News), they’re associated with the political shifts which take place (Steve Bannon was a chief architect of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign), and then they end up ultimately becoming the recipients of positions of power (Trump named Bannon as Chief Advisor to the President).

So, when viewed in this light, Fake News is a misinformation strategy, aka a Propaganda Network.