Danger! Right Turn Ahead

As the American public slips back into its familiar lull of political fatigue, the one good takeaway from this election, if any, could be that the present incarnations of the Republican and Democratic parties have proven to us all, beyond any doubt, that they have outlived their usefulness.

Coopted, with the aid of Citizen’s Untied, by the very corporate and big business interests that they were supposed to regulate and protect us from, they can now only be differentiated by the relative levels of their manifest corruption (Republicans obviously winning this ¬†competition) and their individual approaches to arresting development/change on behalf of their donors; One more overt and the other covert.


The election playing field was nowhere near even, by a long shot, but a democracy actually electing a reality-TV show President, who doesn’t actually believe in democracy, or have any experience in governing, is now actually a thing. When viewed as a whole, Trump’s rhetoric, cabinet choices and policies seeks to remove power from the little-people and place it into the hands of his own billionaire-boys-club dream-team/Plutocracy.

Somehow, a large percentage (47%) of the electorate was duped into buying that this elite club and their leader, who has in every respect demonstrated his selfish pursuit of wealth at any cost throughout at least 50 of his 70 years on earth, will somehow now have the average joe’s back! This is a mass delusion truly worthy of scientific study, which is ironic perhaps, because this homogenous group is mostly made up of science deniers. In fact, their leader called Climate Change, a globally accepted and scientifically proven trend, “a hoax invented by the Chinese to make our industries less productive”. Why not just say that the Chinese also invented Education, because they cunningly knew that eventually our failed school system and education policies would make us less competitive.


On Monday, as our political parties continue to sleep at the wheel, the Electoral College (on behalf of just one quarter of the American electorate) may very well elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. I for one sincerely hope they do not, but if they do, then all evidence predicts that Trump, aka #45, will likely ignore all signs, taking a sharp alt-right turn and driving us all over the cliff in his gas-guzzling-climate-change-denial Dukes of Hazard General Lee replica.

And that will just be the beginning of our problems……