Right turn ahead!

As the American public now slips back into its familiar lull of political fatigue, the one good takeaway from this election, if any, is that the present incarnations of the Republican and Democratic parties have proved to us all, beyond any doubt, that they have outlived their usefulness.

Coopted, with the aid of Citizen’s Untied, by the very corporate and big business interests that they were supposed to regulate and protect us from, they can now only be differentiated by the relative levels of their manifest corruption (Republicans obviously winning this ¬†competition) and their individual approaches to arresting development/change on behalf of their donors; One more overt and the other covert.

The election playing field was not even, by a long shot, but a democracy actually electing a reality-TV show President, who doesn’t actually believe in democracy, or have any experience in governing, is now actually a thing. When viewed as a whole, Trump’s rhetoric, cabinet choices and policies seeks to remove power from the little-people and place it into the hands of his own billionaire-boys-club dream-team/Plutocracy.

Somehow, a large percentage (47%) of the electorate was duped into buying that this elite club and their leader, who have in every respect demonstrated their selfish pursuit of wealth at any cost throughout their lives, will somehow now have the the average joe’s back! This is a mass delusion worthy of scientific study, which is ironic perhaps, because this homogenous group is mostly made up of science deniers.

On Monday, as our political parties continue to sleep at the wheel, the Electoral College (on behalf of just one quarter of the American electorate) may very well elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Then all evidence predicts that Trump, aka #45, will likely take a sharp alt-right turn, driving us all over a cliff in his gas-guzzling-climate-change-denial Dukes of Hazard General Lee replica.

And that will just be the beginning of our problems……

Owning Trump!

Time Trump Hitler

Start here;

Own the history of what actually took place in order to bring this nation, and you and I to where we are at this very day.

If some things make you feel pride then embrace it. Likewise, if other things make you feel shame, then embrace this too. Know and explore your history absent agenda.

True history cannot actually be denied or modified, and knowing where we are headed today, requires a knowledge and a keen understanding of where we have been.

If there is one skill which has helped us all, as humans, succeed in the domination of our natural habitat, it is our ability to learn from the past and modify our behavior accordingly. Primary focus on real education is a thing of paramount importance to any nation.

Acknowledging this leads to the notion that, with all things considered, as we move forward through history, given an accurate accounting of past events, and the education and intelligence to analyze our past, we should more often than not move in the rough direction of progress.

The phrase “Never again” only takes on its true meaning once we know of and can identify the despicable ideology, which led an entire nation of rational people to accept mass genocide as a legitimate means for dealing with their immigrants. Unlike countries such as Germany and Japan, by not making a concerted effort to pass such lessons on to future generations, we open ourselves up to the possibility of repeating the same behavior.

The Nazis, KKK, Aryan Nation, National Front, Alt-Right, UKIP, the Afrikaner Weestandbewegin, the Australia First Party, and many others alike are all organizations that have one main thing in common. They are all hate organizations, meaning that the primary thing which unifies their communities around their principles and ideology is hate. They all ascribe to a twisted theory of white-supremacy which in turn is based on their strong belief that a person’s race (genetically) determines their level of humanity.

For these groups humanity is a spectrum which ranges from human to beast, with Aryans at one end and Africans and “Aborigines” at the other. They believe that a person’s tendency to embody particular positive or negative traits such as intelligence, a good work ethic, organization and leadership skills, being family oriented, nation building vs theft, drug abuse, laziness, a propensity to commit crime, rape, etc are linked to racial origin. These beliefs are supported by equally twisted religious beliefs, which are usually some sort of perversion of Christianity.

Because their beliefs are primarily faith based, they cannot be disproven by science, reason, logic, or for that matter by anybody, except God, which is pretty convenient for them.

These groups also hold the central belief that their “pure” Aryan genetic line and “white way of life” are in danger of extinction, due to the threat of “racial-mixing” (intermarriage), which in turn is being driven by globalization and immigration.

The Alt-Right and their Make America Great Again slogan is actually code for some of the above beliefs. The same is true of all the other hate groups mentioned.

Now, the average Tea Partier or Trumpesk Joe (or Jill) may not consciously ascribe to the entire ideology above (which is extreme), but many are certainly sympathetic to the parts of this ideology which they believe will help them and their families do better, based on their national identity, which is also white. This group were the recipients of well organized and funded propaganda efforts which were strategically run by the Alt-Right, in order to attract right leaning Tea Partiers and and “Centrist Whites” to the far right fringes of legitimate politics, where the Alt-Right and other extremist groups reside.

In the U.S the KKK exchanged their laundry capes and eye holed pillow case hoods for respectable business attire and a new Alt-Right moniker in an attempt to convince the white public that they are less fanatic than they actually are. Don’t be fooled. Instead of burning crosses they plan to make sweeping changes to our system of government, that will in effect end its association with democracy.

The inevitable election of Trump on Dec 19th will be a tremendous victory for these groups. His message of Making America Great Again was received loud and clear. The rise in hate crimes that followed the Trump “win” was not a coincidence. Neither are the picks for his cabinet and chief advisors.

What does this all this mean?

Well, it means that the time for anybody standing on the sidelines is over. We the sane and worldly, must all come together to oppose the Hateful, Divisive,
Anti-tolerance, Xenophobic, Racist, anti-Semitic, Sexist, anti-LGBT and anti-Poor despicable borderline plutocracy that Trump is assembling around himself.

Therefore, if you identify as being white, but do no ascribe to the above white-supremacist ideology, then you need to speak up, educate, resist, call your friends and family out, and do battle with all who promote this ignorant insane ideology, along with all the organizations which unite around it.

Don’t wait for somebody else to do this for you. Don’t sit in silence for the sake of keeping the peace. These people need to hear from those that are around them, and those they love, that they are dead wrong and their reasoning is deeply flawed. They need to hear this today and often.

If not, it is quite possible that, like the Germans and Nazi Party of old, these people may make you accomplice to a similarly atrocious outcome while you are asleep at the wheel.