Political Correctness

Political Correctness;

Since the election of Mr. Trump, some people in this country sensed a weight being lifted off of their shoulders. This weight was the weight of “Political Correctness”.

One theory for all the various polls being wrong is that many, when asked who they planned to vote for, lied because they feared public ridicule for admitting that they intended to vote for Trump.

The truth is that there are a number of people in this country who felt that their freedom of speech had been infringed upon by the politically correct. They felt that they could no longer express themselves freely, for fear of political correction in the workplace, or in public. Trump has given voice to their silent frustration and validation to this gripe.

The problem is that many of the things which these people consider to be free speech are plain old hate rhetoric. Strange as it may seem, some people consider their freedom to express their racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobic, anti-gay or other intolerant views as a right to free speech.

They would like to openly express these views and accompanying ideologies and direct them towards whom they please without being penalized for doing so.

If these people could choose an epicenter for their perceived atmosphere of political correctness, it would be Obama’s Presidency.

Somehow the election of a Black President to them signaled the end of the old America, where one could openly express hatred for Blacks, Gays and Jews without being fired or arrested.

Some longed for the days where a man could cat call a woman in public, or talk ₽ū$s¥ grabbing on the bus (or “locker room”) without being reprimanded. Where flying the confederate flag was a proud expression of heritage and not a symbol of hate. Why shouldn’t they be able to dress up in black face on Halloween without being called a racist?

To them, the idea of making America great again sounded like a good one. It signaled to them that they no longer needed to keep their intolerant views behind closed doors. Now they would have the opportunity to re-define racism, so that it no longer included their behavior, which would ultimately mean that they could continue living as they had before political correctness ruined everything. Going further, they could also further re-define racism so that they could become the victim.hands-question-markIf you are one of these people know this;

You absolutely should feel shame for any behavior or speech which infringes upon the freedom of others.

These behaviors include Xenophobia, Racism, Bigotry, Anti-Semitism, Misogyny, Sexism, LGBT intolerance, etc.

This shame extends to those who knowingly voted for a man that they knew to embody most of these anti-social traits, because they hoped that they would be better off, thought they would benefit from his preferential treatment of them, while knowing that the many that he would direct this intolerance towards would not.

Fear of the unknown is natural, but we were all endowed with something which can conquer this fear. It’s called learning!

Do your own research. Do not take what anybody tells you as gospel.

Since hate divides, convincing you to hate everybody different from you is a very effective method for stratifying and thus controlling the masses.

Hate is an all consuming waste of energy. Don’t spend your life hating because somebody else taught you to do so.

Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.

Cultivate your own sense of empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of other people often.

Spend more time listening to those people you consider to be “other”.

If you spend enough time doing these things soon you will no longer need to define who you are by hating what you are not.